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Now THIS I agree with. I’m sure they DO care, but they don’t seem to. Like half the time this season, I found myself yelling at the screen “WHY AREN’T YOU ASKING WHERE IAN IS?” or “FIONA, IAN IS NOT FINE. YOU DON’T KNOW.” and just generally being ranty about it. So. Yeah.~E

the number of things that could have been prevented if the Gallaghers asked Ian a real question once in a while and actually had the patience to hear the real answer

Yeah Ian’s family did kind of fail him this season. They didn’t mean to and they had their own shit to deal with but they still did. Hopefully they’ll spend season 4 making up for that because this army thing is going to blow up in Ian’s face and if losing Mickey cost him to go this far off the deep end can you imagine what losing his life long dream is going to do to him? He’s going to need his family more than ever.

The worst would be if Ian got to base and changed his mind in time so he didn’t get caught, but then came back and hadn’t been gone long enough for his family to get worried or think anything was wrong and they just be like “Okay, whatever. How was ROTC?”

Ugh. And then everything would be as normal except the Milkoviches would just know that he was a flight risk and it would be up to them (well, Mandy) to stop him.(And I think he changed his mind on the bus tbh. It looked like it on his face) 

I have no words right now. All of you are too amazing.